Understand Customers

Information Audits | Segmentation | Targeting | Persona Development | Forecast Models | Customer Journeys | User/Non-User Studies

Do you want to build a richer understanding for deeper customer relationships?

You need to find a way to anticipate more of what they need and build a more predictable and profitable business revenue stream, and make sure you’re not disappointing them on the promises you’ve already made.

Whether you’re a new business or a branch office, if your CEO or your Investor wants a forecast and you don’t even have any data, what do you do? Even if you’ve scoured the internet and you can’t find the numbers you need, there are ways to find out what you need to know – and that’s our superpower. Over the years, we’ve explored complex markets for hundreds of clients. One of us is a Professional Engineer, and one is an MBA. And we’ve got dozens of colleagues and thousands of connections we can collaborate with, to get the answers you need. Whether you’re a new business, or an established one, we help you answer tough questions.

User research might help you identify whether the customer-management system you’re evaluating will interact with your current systems, help you make contact with customers, and gather data you can use to identify problems to be solved. But it won’t tell you how your customer feels about having their problems solved by Suzy, instead of “Somebody”.  You can count on us to figure out what’s going on with your customers and who they really are, so that you can make a difference in their lives and build relationships that last.
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We can’t wait to help you understand your customers better, so they count on you the way that you count on their business.