Are you looking in the wrong place for success?

You made it! You’re on top of the world. But this isn’t where the learning happens.

Think about the most important lessons you’ve learned. Did they happen when at the moment you achieved your goal? More likely, they happened afterward, as you reflected on your struggle. You may have even had a richer learning experience when you didn’t¬†achieve your goal. Think about all those “I’ll never make that mistake again” moments you’ve had. Win or learn, mistakes, failures, and struggles mean you will enter into the next challenge stronger and more able to deal with the difficulties you may face.

What does this tell me?¬†That each roadblock or difficulty prepares you to be even better next time. That the reward for the journey is the journey itself. And that you’ll gain experience and confidence, no matter which path you take, or no matter how everything turns out. Now that’s something to be on top of the world about.