Four Rules for Better Decisions

Arrow pointing in two directions in barren desert

Decisions are hard. Especially in times of great uncertainty. That’s why thinking about how we make decisions, and creating frameworks for better decisions, can lighten the load when the going gets tough.

We have four rules we like our clients to think about, when they’re trying to make challenging decisions in their business:

  1. Know that, no matter what, not everyone will agree with your decision.
  2. Understand that, once taken, it’s important to stick with the decision long enough to see that it’s working, or isn’t.
  3. In conjunction with the previous, before taking the decision, define carefully how you will judge whether it worked, or didn’t.
  4. Ignore red herrings and other extraneous information (or decision points) that are not pertinent to this specific decision.

Getting a handle on these four things will help you make decisions with more confidence in the process, even when you’re worried about the potential outcome.

I’m Megann Willson, and I’m one of the Partners here at PANOPTIKA. We work with our clients to help them see everything they need to know to make better decisions for their businesses and careers. You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or click the handy orange button below to subscribe to news you can use.