5 Keys to Writing on a Tight Timeline

Person writing with notebook and laptop

As a strategist, I like to plan ahead. I have a content calendar laid out in front of me, with plans for why we have specific messages, when, the audience, and when they’ll be delivered. But sometimes it’s necessary to have a short turnaround or a tight timeline – not because of lack of planning, but because an issue is emergent or important, or urgent, or all of these together. When that happens to you, here are 5 keys to writing a strong, coherent message as soon as possible:

  1. Consider the audience: who will receive the message?
  2. Ask, “What do I want them to do, think, or feel?”
  3. Decide on no more than three points that must be made.
  4. Draft the message in the simplest language possible to avoid misunderstandings.
  5. If someone else will be delivering the message, imagine them reading it out loud from a podium, and adjust the language to fit their style.

As the pace of play in workplaces continues to accelerate (despite our best efforts to slow it down), using a systematic and consistent approach will help you get more done, in less time.

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