What’s your favourite channel?

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Judging by the box room in our condo building, you’d think that everything was shipped by courier or post, but we have a saying around here: “It’s hard to ship hot soup by mail”. Whether you’re starting a new business, or developing a new product or service for your existing business, one of the decisions you’ll need to make, is what is the most effective channel to use, to deliver that product or service to your most valued customer. In Megann’s most recent video challenge, two things she asked participants to think about are:
  1. Their most valuable product or service – that is, which of their products or services delivers the highest value back into their business?
  2. Their most valued customer (the one who buys that most valuable product or service).

These questions don’t stay static. They deserve regular review, no matter what your business. When we started consulting, we would have said the most valuable service was in-depth medical interviews, in situ in specialists’ offices. And the customer who bought those was usually a pharmaceutical company with a very specialized product, like a cancer treatment. Now, the highest value services are consulting with companies who are entering new markets, on market selection, or facilitating strategic decision-making. And the clients are varied, but always scientific, technical, medical, or industrial B2B companies.

Once you have a good picture of the key product or service, and who buys it, it’s time to think about how to get it to them. Are the clients remote, or local? Do they need to see you to receive the service? Can it be shipped? Must it be? Figuring that out can be a challenge, and it takes a lot of legwork to determine the most efficient and effective way. More than one channel may be needed. Determining it is a necessity, as it will be a critical part of your cost structure, as well as your value proposition. Are you the fastest? The most thorough? The newest? Each of these directly impacts your channel choice. Moreover, communicating to your customer which channel your using, may be relevant. You might think that those strategy facilitations are always in person for us, for example, but we have tools that let our clients gather together a team from around the globe, and make decisions as effectively as if they were in the same room. So keep an open mind, and find the channel that’s just right for you and your MVC.